Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle operators are the most vulnerable drivers on our roadways. One second of inattention by an automobile driver can be utterly devastating to the unsuspecting cyclist. Knowledge of the law pertaining to motorcyclists is essential to successfully litigating these claims.

Interestingly, motorcycles are not motor vehicles as defined by the Florida legislature, and as such, no Personal Injury Protection (PIP) benefits are available to the injured motorcycle driver. The flip side of this dilemma is that the permanent injury threshold applicable to auto accident victims is inapplicable, allowing the motorcycle victim to bring suit even if no permanent injury has been sustained. The injuries suffered by motorcycles crashes are however rarely non-permanent. Ask us about dealing with such cases and particularly about dealing with catastrophic injuries, because unfortunately some of the most serious of injuries arise after motorcycles crashes.

Motorcycle crashes are typically more serious and require the skill and knowledge of a seasoned trial lawyer to present.

While riding a motorcycle is fun, the risks and hazards associated with motorcycles cannot be minimized. Where motorcycles are concerned the motorcycle rider must be more vigilant and must “watch out for the other guys.” If you need help with your motorcycle case Coleman & Coleman can assist you.

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